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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christmas in September

I've actually begun some of my Christmas shopping.  For those of you who know my kids, please don't tell them what they're getting!  LOL!  Just had a few comments that I thought might be useful.

1)  Watch Craigslist!  I found an amazing buy on electric Thomas the Train tracks & trains.  I got two huge plastic tubs completely filled for $25.  I use these kinds of items as toys from Santa Claus.

2)  Pay attention to the items that are "HOT" toys.  I am buying a leappad tablet.  For those of you not familiar with this, it's a touchpad gaming system with a camera and and downloadable games, but made for kids 4 - 9.  I have been paying attention to release dates and stock levels on this item for months.  It has already been out of stock once.  I finally bought it this morning with Amazon points from my amazon credit card, plus I got it for about 15% off from an Amazon seller.  My husband and I decided last night it wasn't worth standing outside at 4 a.m. on Black Friday to save $10 or $15, and then not manage to get one.  Just saying it might be time to consider which items you really want to make sure you get.

3) Keep track of what you purchase.  You don't want to overbuy, which is a common issue for those of us who buy early.  Buying Early is my version of a "Christmas Club" account, it spreads the expenses over the course of the year.  But, many people who buy early also tend to overbuy.  Keep track of what has already been purchased so you don't wind up spending twice as much.

4) Pay attention to warranties.  You also don't want to buy something in September, and find out in December that it doesn't work.  I always check on warranties for anything I buy early and hold on to those receipts!

I'll post more Holiday tips and information as it gets closer to Christmas!

Happy Shopping!

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